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Welcome to Sierra Air’s blog. Is your HVAC system not functioning properly? Do you need some answers to your HVAC problems? In these articles, you will find a plethora of information about your indoor comfort systems. Whether it be tips to keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we are committed to making sure you and your family are comfortable and safe.

However, maintaining your indoor environment and safety after our technicians leave your home or work space requires some basic HVAC knowledge. That’s where we can help! Sierra Air provides industry-leading knowledge for California and Nevada residents. We hope you find this resource very useful for learning all things HVAC.

3 Tricks for Outdoor HVAC Concealment

The condenser, which is the heart of an air conditioning system, doesn’t always mesh well aesthetically with its surroundings. More often than not, this unit visually detracts from an otherwise beautiful residential landscape.

Thermostat Diagnostics: 5 Tips to Follow

A thermostat may be small in size, but it’s huge in importance. This device is in control of your entire HVAC system; it dictates when and how heating and cooling units operate. Below are some of the steps you can take if your thermostat begins to malfunction.

How Gas Furnaces Work | Sierra Air

Understanding How a Gas Furnace Works A gas furnace is perhaps the most popular type of central heating equipment in America. It looks simple on the outside, but it houses sophisticated assemblies of mechanical components designed to produce heat on demand.

Consequences of Poor HVAC Filter Maintenance | Sierra Air

What Will Happen If You Don’t Maintain Your HVAC Filter? Washing or changing the air filter is one of the most effective ways to keep your HVAC system in good condition at all times. This maintenance task is something you should do once every three to twelve months, depending on the quality of the filter … Continued

What Causes a Furnace to Keep Running?

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about a loud furnace, but there’s definitely something wrong when it never stops running or operates continually without generating enough heat.

HVAC Odors to Keep a Nose Out For

We normally associate residential HVAC equipment to fresh air, but sometimes it just plain stinks. Although not all unpleasant smells indicate something serious by nature, they nevertheless need to be investigated.

5 Tips on Tuning Up Your HVAC System for Spring

The arrival of spring is a good reminder that it’s time to do some HVAC maintenance.  Following the tips below can be a good start, especially if you don’t normally give your heating and cooling system a little TLC at this time of year

Saving Money on Utilities With Smart Thermostats

According to the Department of Energy, even the smallest adjustments to your thermostat settings can translate to savings on your utility bills. Turning your thermostat down in the winter (or up in the summer) by about seven degrees for eight hours a day nets approximately 10% in annual energy savings. While this reduction is more … Continued

Common HVAC Problems in Winter

The winter season brings its own set of challenges to your home HVAC system. With heating such an essential part of daily life during winter, understanding the common problems that your unit may face could mean the difference between being warm and comfortable and being cold and miserable.