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Welcome to Sierra Air’s blog. Is your HVAC system not functioning properly? Do you need some answers to your HVAC problems? In these articles, you will find a plethora of information about your indoor comfort systems. Whether it be tips to keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we are committed to making sure you and your family are comfortable and safe.

However, maintaining your indoor environment and safety after our technicians leave your home or work space requires some basic HVAC knowledge. That’s where we can help! Sierra Air provides industry-leading knowledge for California and Nevada residents. We hope you find this resource very useful for learning all things HVAC.

5 Tips on Tuning Up Your HVAC System for Spring

The arrival of spring is a good reminder that it’s time to do some HVAC maintenance.  Following the tips below can be a good start, especially if you don’t normally give your heating and cooling system a little TLC at this time of year

Saving Money on Utilities With Smart Thermostats

According to the Department of Energy, even the smallest adjustments to your thermostat settings can translate to savings on your utility bills. Turning your thermostat down in the winter (or up in the summer) by about seven degrees for eight hours a day nets approximately 10% in annual energy savings. While this reduction is more … Continued

Common HVAC Problems in Winter

The winter season brings its own set of challenges to your home HVAC system. With heating such an essential part of daily life during winter, understanding the common problems that your unit may face could mean the difference between being warm and comfortable and being cold and miserable.

Does Your Skin Become Dry in Winter?

When the skin loses moisture, the result is dry, flaky, itchy and sometimes irritated skin. Normally, your sweat glands naturally produce a layer of oil to keep your skin moist, but this oil can be stripped away by a number of factors. Using soap products with harsh ingredients is one of the leading causes of … Continued

General Maintenance Guidelines for Heating Systems

The type of maintenance you need for your residential or commercial HVAC system depends on the type of system you have installed. Whether you have a forced-air, hydronic or any other heating system, there are a few general maintenance guidelines that you could still follow.

Do You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Ducts are the primary transport vehicles for air circulation in forced-air residential heating and air conditioning systems. Ideally, your home’s ductwork is completely sealed, and all filters are working efficiently, minimizing any contamination that may enter the HVAC system.

Top Things to Remember During Emergency HVAC Repairs

If you’ve ever had a furnace or air conditioner break down in the middle of a cold winter night or during a sweltering summer afternoon, then you know just how bad things can quickly get. Luckily, most professional HVAC service providers offer emergency repairs just for these inopportune moments. So, how exactly do you deal … Continued

Tips on Diagnosing Oil Burner Noises

A furnace with an oil burner is one of the most common heating systems for homes. Being an oil-fired system, it tends to make noises during operation. Not all of these noises mean trouble, however, but here are some tips for diagnosing oil burner noises.

Troubleshooting a Furnace Fan That Blows Cold Air

If your furnace fan intermittently blows cold air or stops blowing warm air all at once, check a few things before calling a professional. Local residential furnace installation expert Sierra Air shares some troubleshooting steps that you should do in this case.

4 Things You Need to Know About Furnaces

To get the most from your furnace or heater, you should know how it work – from installation and the fuel it uses to how it distributes heat throughout your home. As your expert in residential HVAC services, Sierra Air shares a list of the things you should know about furnaces.