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Oct 25 2017

4 Reasons to Consider Adding an Air Purifier to Your Home

If you’re concerned about the quality of your home’s indoor air, then you may want to consider adding an air purifier to your home. There are a variety of different air purifiers on the market today, but essentially they all accomplish one very similar task: to clean and purify your air. Depending on which model you buy, your mileage may vary, but all air purifiers can add some benefit to your home’s indoor air.

Why You Should Buy an Air Purifier

Are you on the fence about buying an air purifier? Below we have listed 4 common reasons why homeowners may consider adding an air purifier to their home.

Benefits Air Purifiers Home


Need an Air Purifier in South Lake Tahoe?

If you meet any of the criteria above, or are interested in improving your home’s indoor air quality, then an air purifier might be right for you. To find out what types of air purifiers Sierra Air offers for your home in the South Lake Tahoe Area, give us a call or check out our Air Cleaner product page for more information. We’re here to help you achieve the cleanest air possible at home! Call us today: (888) 686-4809

Oct 25 2017

3 Home Storage Tips to Reduce Clutter and Keep Your Space Cleaner

Do you wish that you had more storage space in your home? Unfortunately, the longer that you live in a house, the more stuff you acquire over time. Though you can certainly go through these items and toss or donate what you don’t use, sometimes you’re still left with a lot of stuff that has no place to go.

That’s when it’s time to get creative. Whether you are living in a small space and need to make more room or you just want to keep your home more organized, you can benefit from implementing a few easy storage solutions to reduce clutter in your home and keep your space cleaner.

Below are 3 fun and creative home storage tips that will help you find a place for everything:

  1. Use rolling storage under your bed.

If you have empty space under your bed, this is a perfect place to store items such as blankets, linens, children’s toys, craft supplies, etc. If you want to go the simple route, you can purchase affordable plastic organizers with wheels that will easily slide underneath your bed. If you are looking for a more stylish option, try making your own DIY under bed storage with some of these tutorials from Pinterest.

  1. Got empty wall space? Store items in hanging bins.

If you don’t seem to have any more closet or storage space but need to organize some items, hanging bins make a great addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or office. You can use these containers to store craft or office supplies, kitchen tools, or toiletries like cotton balls and cotton swabs. If you are feeling crafty, you can make your own storage bins out of any small containers that are sturdy and the right size. If you don’t feel like making your own, you can purchase hanging storage bins like these from Amazon.

  1. Build a sliding pantry.

When it comes to storage, you need to use all your space wisely. The small space between your fridge and the wall is a prime area for placing a sliding pantry where you can organize and store all your canned goods and slide back into place when you’re done. You can make your own sliding pantry out of wood. Put your own creative twist by painting the sliding pantry or including a fun wall paper print on the inside. Don’t forget to include a handle for easy use!

You can use the tips above for smarter storage and a cleaner home space. Remember, keeping your home clean and uncluttered is important for your family’s health and happiness. For more tips on how to keep your home clean and safe for your family, including indoor air quality tips, be sure to read our blog each month and follow us on Facebook.


Oct 15 2017

4 Surprising Ways that Paint Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may be looking for ways to improve its curb appeal to attract new buyers. Even if you aren’t looking to sell soon, you may still be looking for ways to create a more welcoming environment for friends, family, and other guests. There are many easy ways that you can improve the curb appeal of your home and make it look fresh and up-to-date. In fact, you may be surprised at just how many ways paint can be used to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Here are 4 of the top ways that you can use paint to improve the look of your home:

  1. Freshen up the paint on your front porch.

The porch is often one of the first things that people see when they enter your home. However, as the paint on your porch peels or flakes, it may start to give the wrong first impression, especially to potential homebuyers. Giving your porch a fresh coat of paint can help you update your entrance and create a more welcoming environment.

  1. Rethink the paint on your garage doors.

If your garage doors are the standard white, it can make your home look a bit dull. Why not try putting on a fresh coat of paint in a new color or even a nice stain? If you want to get more creative, you may even consider adding accent pieces. By changing the paint on your garage doors, you can add a pop of color that’s not only refreshing but stylish.

  1. Paint your siding.

Many homeowners forget all about their siding. However, this can really start to make your home look outdated or dirty. You can add a fresh coat of paint to your siding to help give your home a quick makeover. Or, if you want a new look, consider painting your siding a different color. You can coordinate with the color of your door or shutters to help add a nice accent.

  1. Change the color of your front door.

If you want to make a change to your home that’s quick and affordable, why not try changing the color of your front door? This is one of the most dramatic, yet simple changes you can make to the exterior of your home to give your house an updated and stylish look.

Curb appeal isn’t the only thing that will help increase your home’s worth. Many new homebuyers are looking for a home that is as close to move-in ready as possible, which includes a working HVAC system. Whether you plan on selling this year or five years from now, it’s important to consider the condition of your HVAC system and keep it regularly maintained to ensure that it works smoothly for years to come.

If you furnace or AC repair in Nevada or California, you can trust the experts at Sierra Air to help ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly year-round. Give us a call today to schedule a maintenance visit or repair service: (775) 800-5500.

Sep 15 2017

5 Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to get started with some very important maintenance tips in and around your home. Here we’ve listed 5 smart fall home maintenance tips that you’ll want to check off your list this season.

Autumn Maintenance Tips for Home

1) Schedule a maintenance appointment with an HVAC specialist, such as Sierra Air, to have your system inspected and tuned up for the upcoming heating season. Maintenance visits are an inexpensive way to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning effectively and efficiently all year long. It’s also important to change your air filter in your HVAC system–so, if you haven’t done that in a while, do so now. It’s smart to change filters every other month; and, if you have pets, consider changing them even more frequently, checking monthly for buildup. If your HVAC system includes an in-built humidifier, have the HVAC contractor replace that filter as well.

2) Inspect your attic for adequate and properly installed insulation. To add attic insulation, unroll the insulation so that the paper side is facing out and place small pieces of insulation between the joists on the attic floor, making sure you don’t step in between the joists. Be sure when installing insulation, that the vapor barrier is facing down toward the house, rather than up towards the roof. Incorrectly installed insulation could trap moisture in the home, which creates water problems and potential damage to your home. To be extra sure this doesn’t occur, cut small slits in the vapor barrier so that any accumulated moisture can escape.

3)  Take care of any leaves in your yard immediately by raking up the thick layers of leaves that settle on lawn surfaces. Leaves that become wet and left on your lawn can suffocate all living grass below and cause your grass to die, as well as invite pests to infest your lawn. Make it a habit to rake or blow leaves off of your lawn as soon as they fall. Place raked leaves in a compost pile or use as a mulch or a winter cover for flower beds, as they are an excellent source of nutrients.

4)   Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure that they have working batteries. This is a simple, but very important task to do, as both of these detectors can save lives and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, it’s wise to consider adding one to your home, especially if you have gas or oil burning appliances in your house. Carbon monoxide is an odorless invisible byproduct of burning oil or natural gas, and can be deadly if allowed to accumulate in the home. Install detectors near potential sources of carbon monoxide, and also so that you can hear the alarm sound while sleeping.

5) Check your home for air leaks and drafts and seal up any cracks with caulk. Check specifically around window and door frames, trim and siding, and any place that wires or pipes enter the home from the outside. This will help not only prevent cold drafts from entering into the home, which will cut down on winter heating costs, but it will also prevent moisture from invading your home.

Need HVAC Services? Give Sierra Air a Call!

If you’re in the Lake Tahoe area, then you’ll want to check out our seasonal internet specials which will help you save on all HVAC services not matter what time of year it is! We’re experts at all things HVAC and are happy to get our home ready for the upcoming season.

Sep 25 2017

Easy One Day Home Improvement Projects You Can Do

Looking to improve your home, but short on time? We’ve come up with the perfect list for you! These home improvements will make you feel more at home and can be accomplished in as little as one day! These tips are simple to complete and are pretty inexpensive as well. Plan a weekend to work on these “one day” home improvements, and enjoy some subtle upgrades to your living space.

One Day Home Improvements

HVAC Maintenance is Another Smart Home Improvement

Sierra Air offers a Home Comfort Club to Genoa residents, which is a maintenance agreement for your home’s HVAC system. With this, you’ll rest assured that your heating and cooling equipment is operating at its peak performance and energy efficiency, to prevent any breakdowns or costly repairs. Like a car, your HVAC system runs daily, and it needs regular attention so that it can operate reliably and help you maintain good indoor air quality.

Our Home Comfort Club is a smart solution to maintaining your HVAC system so that it can run effectively all year long. There are several benefits including discounted costs, automatic reminders, a two year guarantee and more. Call us today for details: 775-800-5500.

Aug 25 2017

What Can Duct Cleaning Do for You?

Don’t Let Your Indoor Air Make You Sick

Your HVAC duct system functions primarily to transport heated or cooled air throughout your home, but it also helps to maintain proper comfort levels indoors. When the ductwork gets backed up with household dirt and debris, it can become congested. The best remedy for this is to have your ductwork cleaned so that it can function properly.

Look at the list below and see if you answer yes to any of the questions. If so, it might be wise to consider having your home’s ducts cleaned. If you have pets, notice an odor when your HVAC system is in use, have family members at home who suffer from asthma or allergies, or notice a bad odor when your HVAC system is running, then your home might be a prime candidate for duct cleaning.

Read on to find out just a few of the great benefits of duct cleaning.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

We Offer the Highest Quality Duct Cleaning Service Available

Are you interested in having your ducts cleaned? We’re proud to serve the Verdi area an offer the most up to date duct cleaning technology available today. We use the Turbo Jet Cleaning method, which is used by professional duct cleaners throughout the country to ensure that your home stands a better chance at maintaining excellent indoor air quality. For more information on Duct Cleaning, give us a call today.

Aug 15 2017

5 Ways to Save Energy When Cooling Your Home

Are you a homeowner or renter looking to save money on cooling your home? Read on for some great tips!

Get a Fan (Or Use the Ones You Have)

If your home has ceiling fans, consider it a major benefit and utilize them often. Regularly using your ceiling fans will allow you to increase your thermostat’s temperature without compromising the comfort of your indoor space at all. If you don’t have ceiling fans, portable box or stand fans can work the exact same way. Since fans require a lot less energy to run than an A/C, you’ll be saving a good deal of energy by just turning on a fan or two.

Unblock Vents

Sometimes we arrange furniture and other accessories in a room to meet a certain aesthetic criterion, which is a wonderful way to create an enjoyable space. It may not be the best way, though, to save on energy costs if the airflow of your home is obstructed by the arrangement of your furniture. Check registers and major vents around your home to ensure that no large pieces of furniture are blocking the airflow, if anything is… move it.

Change Your Thermostat Setting

Did you know that for every 1 degree you increase your thermostat when running your air conditioner, that you can save about 4-5% on energy costs?! That’s actually a pretty big deal considering how high a typical monthly cooling bill could cost. So, if you normally set your thermostat to 72ºF, and increase it to 74ºF (still a very comfortable indoor temperature), you could potentially save up to 10% on energy costs. GO up even higher and you get more savings! This easy tip can start saving you money today—so what are you waiting for? Crank up that thermostat temp for excellent energy savings.

Dodge Direct Sunlight

If your home house south facing windows, it’s smart to close the drapes or blinds on these windows during the day when the temps rise outdoors. The extra heat caused from the direct sun shining through can cause your A/C to have to work overtime to cool your home, which equals more energy costs to cover.

Get a Maintenance Check

Has it been a long time since you changed your HVAC system’s air filter? If the answer is yes, then chances are probably that it could also use a tune-up. Having a professional come in once per year to check on the health of your HVAC system is a smart way to save on energy costs. An improperly working system can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses, and could potentially do further damage to your unit. The cost of a service call is much cheaper than a total system replacement and is a smart investment towards better energy savings.

Get Expert Care with Our Maintenance Agreements

We at Sierra Air are proud to offer out Reno area residents with an exceptional HVAC maintenance plan we call the Home Comfort Club. With the HCC, you can save money and worry about whether or not your HVAC system needs a check-up. We’ll keep it all organized for you and provide you with an exceptional record of service. Visit here to learn more about our Home Comfort Club.


Jul 26 2017

Energy Efficiency: Using Fans Along with Your A/C

If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance you’re interested in energy savings for cooling your home. It’s smart to have an energy savings plan to help you decide what you need to do to reduce excess energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.

Why Not Just Crank Down Your A/C?

Although this is a very fast and efficient way to quickly cool down your home, is not the most energy efficient, nor is it the best choice for the health of your system.  Running an air conditioner at a very low temperature will make your energy bills skyrocket, and it’s not the only way to keep you feeling super cool while chilling out at home.

According to energy experts, cooling bills account for approximately 15% of total energy bills in most households. During warm months, this can jump up to 60 – 70%! That’s a significant amount considering how much electrically run gadgets and appliances we Americans use on a daily basis.

Even though using an air conditioner is a simple and practical way of keeping cool when the weather warms up, it can be enhanced by adding a fan or two to your home. Or, if you have ceiling fans installed, you can truly reduce your energy use by flipping these on while your A/C is running.

How Do Fans Help?

The energy it takes to power a fan is significantly less than what it takes to cool an entire house with an air conditioner. Therefore, it’s smart to raise the temperature setting on your thermostat a few degrees while using fans simultaneously to help cool you down. The way a fan works is that it actually forces hot air down and away from persons sitting near it, causing evaporation from the skin, which can make you feel a heck of a lot cooler. In comparison to running an A/C, using a ceiling or box fan accounts for only 1 to 2% of energy use, making this an efficient way to cool your home.

Ceiling fans or portable fans can reduce the overall need to have your A/C running full blast during the hottest days of the year. Using a ceiling fan along with an energy efficient cooling system can be an extremely efficient way to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer months. By using a ceiling or box fan, you can effectively raise your thermostat’s setting up to 10 degrees without compromising the comfort of your home! Just think of all the energy savings.

If you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your home, consider picking up a small portable fan or two. These will do the trick just as well as a ceiling fan for a fraction of the cost. You can oftentimes find inexpensive fans at drugstores or department stores, and adding these to your home will help keep you cool and your energy costs low!

For more informative home related articles, be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often for new updates.

Jul 15 2017

What Are Some Signs My A/C Is Not Working Properly?

The comfort level of your Carnelian Bay home is incredibly important—especially during the summer months when the temperatures rise, and we rely so much more on our home’s air conditioner. Since home cooling systems are pretty darn reliable, most people don’t have to think too much about their home’s A/C until something goes wrong. However, not paying proper attention to your system until it stops working correctly can often result in an expensive emergency repair.

Are you familiar with the signs that your AC may not be working properly? Pay attention to these warning signs below, and if you notice anything off with your A/C, call in a professional to diagnose and help out.

Top Signs A/C Isn’t Working

Top Signs A/C Isn’t Working

If you are in need of having your home’s cooling system maintenance or repaired, give us a call. We boast some of the top HVAC technicians in the area and provide ongoing support to our customers. Since 1986, we’ve been doing it right: providing honest, reliable, and friendly service all year long. Count on us for all your HVAC needs! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 775-800-5500.


Jun 30 2017

What Temperature Should My Air Conditioner Be Set At?

The temperatures are rising outside with the full and true onset of summer, and that means your comfort indoors is experiencing serious limbo. When you’re cozy on the couch all day, catching up on Netflix, a warm 80 degrees may seem just perfect. After you’ve played some sports in the backyard or return from a long sunbathing session with friends, anything above 65 may seem unbearable.

Yet while the air conditioning thermostat is bouncing back and forth with your whims, your electricity bill is going up. Considering how energy costs already rise thanks to the hot months, that’s a punch to your bank account your budget won’t tolerate.

So when asking how to survive the summer and keep your electricity bill at least reasonable – the real question is, “What temperature should my air conditioner be set at?”

Setting Thermostat in Summer – The Short Answer

According to our Reno experts, Americans prefer their home be kept at a cozy yet breezy 70-75 degrees in the day. This is cool enough to offer instant relief when you return home from the blazing sun, yet is easy to adapt to when spending a day indoors. Whether you’re from the deep balmy south or the more alpine north, this middle ground is enjoyable for all.

However, there are some deciding factors involved. Keeping your home at 73 is ideal, but that doesn’t mean you should set your thermostat to that temperature. On the contrary, if you live in warmer climates, maintaining that level with an AC unit can make your energy consumption skyrocket. Every degree higher you set your thermostat is 3% to 5% you’re saving on your monthly bill.

Alternative Ways to Improve Home Comfort

Start by setting your AC thermostat to 80-85. Don’t panic – we know that sounds unbearable. Luckily your home won’t ever reach that uncomfortable level of heat.

Instead, this setting will work as an emergency safeguard for when the temperatures climb out of control unexpectedly. Once things get as warm as 80, you’ll want the AC to kick in and save you fast. Otherwise, these two cheap hacks will keep your home that lovely 70-75 without the high electricity consumption.

Swamp Coolers (or E-Vap Coolers)

These handy little machines come in a variety of sizes, able to fit comfortably in your home or be attached from the outside to peek in your window if you require a larger one. These operate by being filled with water, which it then blows warm air through. The air is cooled by the water and comes out ice cold. Since it’s relying mostly on natural cooling methods, swamp coolers require less electricity – while still providing the same benefits. Just beware, though; when summer really heats up and the air is scorching, the water can’t cool it fast enough and they’re not an effective solution. That’s where your AC unit becomes a back-up.

Hanging Wet Towels and Fans

Dryers naturally pump heat into the air, no matter how high quality yours is, and this makes it wise to try air-drying your clothing. While you’re at it, however, use it to improve the conditions as well as maintain them. Hang up your wet towels (since these retain the most water) and set up a few fans in the area. This will work much like the swamp cooler, blowing cold air into the room to cut down on energy costs, while also helping you do laundry.

For more home comfort tips, follow Sierra Air on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have or provide your own home comfort hacks.