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Welcome to Sierra Air’s blog. Is your HVAC system not functioning properly? Do you need some answers to your HVAC problems? In these articles, you will find a plethora of information about your indoor comfort systems. Whether it be tips to keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we are committed to making sure you and your family are comfortable and safe.

However, maintaining your indoor environment and safety after our technicians leave your home or work space requires some basic HVAC knowledge. That’s where we can help! Sierra Air provides industry-leading knowledge for California and Nevada residents. We hope you find this resource very useful for learning all things HVAC.

Will an HVAC Upgrade Boost the Value of Your Home?

In addition to remodeling your home, upgrading your HVAC system can boost your property’s value as well. According to a survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment for remodels decreased by 12 percent between 2017 and 2018. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, one of the things you … Continued

How to Keep Your Pets Cool & Comfortable This Summer

Summer can be uncomfortable for humans and pets alike. In addition to ensuring your pets get enough shade and water, there are a few things you can do in your home, particularly in regard to your HVAC system, that can help make your home more comfortable. In today’s post, the residential HVAC contractors at Sierra Air share … Continued

4 Quick Facts About Air Conditioning Systems

Knowing a few facts about your air conditioning system can be helpful when it comes to choosing the right AC for your home, or at the very least it could help you win a round in your next trivia game. In today’s post, the residential and commercial heating and cooling contractors at Sierra Air share some quick … Continued

Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Running Low on Refrigerant

Refrigerant could be considered the lifeblood of an air conditioner, as cold air is produced by putting it through various stages of compression. Therefore, you need to make sure the refrigerant in your AC is recharged in the event of a leak. In today’s blog, local air conditioning installation contractor Sierra Air discusses the signs that your … Continued

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Inside the House?

If you notice that your air conditioner is leaking, the first thing you should do is turn off the unit. Doing so can help prevent damage to electrical system components as well as water damage. Moreover, there are various causes of this problem.

The 10 Commandments of an Energy-Efficient Home

Improving your home’s energy efficiency means savings on heating and air conditioning costs. Your HVAC system accounts for around half of the total energy consumption in your home. This means you must make smart choices when it comes to your HVAC system. Continue reading to discover the ten commandments of an energy-efficient home.

Common Air Conditioning Repair Scams & How to Avoid Them

It’s always a good idea to quickly tackle any issues that come up with your HVAC system. In addition to regular maintenance, being proactive when it comes to AC repairs can help your equipment last longer and ensure that the occupants of your home or business are comfortable, safe and healthy.

Dealing With Dead Rodents in Your HVAC Ductwork

While most homeowners don’t like to think about it, rodents finding their way into the air ducts is a fairly common occurrence. This results in a number of issues, from scratched and chewed duct walls that allow air to escape to debris accumulation in the air ducts that can lead to mold and bacteria growth. … Continued

What You Should Know About a Thermostat in Recovery Mode

Perhaps you’ve noticed your thermostat indicating that it’s in recovery mode at some point. Don’t worry about this too much–it doesn’t mean your thermostat has encountered issues. Recovery mode is actually a common feature found on newer thermostats. Sierra Air, the trusted air conditioning installation contractor in the area, expounds on this particular thermostat setting below:

3 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips to Know This Summer

Many people get used to the unbearable summer heat in Nevada, yet still most people are desperate to escape to a place that’s cooler. To keep your commercial property cool, comfortable and energy efficient this season, make sure your air conditioning system is in tip-top shape. Here Sierra Air, the leading source of AC heating and … Continued