Air Conditioning Odors: Causes and Prevention

Sometimes we get service calls because of unpleasant smells emanating from air conditioning systems, which is definitely something it’s not supposed to do. If your AC does the same thing when you turn it on, don’t rush out and buy a replacement just yet. This is a relatively minor problem that can be fixed with an … Continued

The History of Air Conditioning Technology

A comfortable indoor temperature is one of the most essential elements of modern living, thanks to air conditioning. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, up to 48% of an average home’s annual energy consumption is spent on HVAC systems, which underlines how important indoor comfort is to most homeowners. Here’s a quick look at the … Continued

How to Optimize Your Home for Energy Savings

With steadily increasing energy costs, optimizing your home’s energy efficiency and choosing energy-efficient additions, like HVAC systems, are ideal long-term investments. Here are some of the ways you can make your home energy-efficient and reduce your annual energy costs.

Residential vs. Commercial HVAC Systems

Not all HVAC systems are created equal, and this is very evident in the differences between commercial and residential units. There is a reason commercial systems are the way they are, and why your home air conditioning or furnace system is the way it is.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

If you’ve been wondering about certain things pertaining to your air ducts, Sierra Air and its experts have put together a useful guide to the questions you may ask about your own HVAC system.

How Is HVAC Energy Efficiency Measured?

Are you in the market for a new, energy-efficient air conditioner or heating system? Make it a point to check the labels before you buy. Read on for a quick primer on the kind of information you should look out for, and how they can help you find the right AC unit for your home … Continued

Proper HVAC Maintenance: Home Inspections, Scheduled Service

Proper maintenance is important to making sure you have a reliable and efficient HVAC system. There are two parts to HVAC maintenance: scheduled maintenance performed by professionals, and regular inspections that you conduct yourself. Here’s an overview of how both contribute to your HVAC system’s upkeep.

4 Things You Need to Know About Attic HVAC Units

Placing the HVAC units in the attic is an alternative way to install heating and air conditioning, and for some homes, this setup works well. If you are considering installing your new or replacement HVAC units this way, there are some things you should know before committing to it.

Signs You Need Furnace Air Duct Cleaning

While the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA says that cleaning your ducts has not been studied enough to give hard data on the effects, it’s still a part of your home that can affect your health.