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When it comes to plumbing repair, the importance of fast and dependable service cannot be overstated. While a faucet that drips may seem minor, the issue may escalate into something catastrophic without quickly addressing it. At Sierra Air Inc., we recognize the urgency and the various aspects of plumbing systems in both homes and businesses. We take pride in having served the Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and surrounding regions for over three decades.

Our licensed specialists treat all kinds of plumbing in your home with rigorous attention and ensure our work causes little or no disruption to your daily activities. We offer services ranging from water leak repair, which must be addressed immediately, to the installation of new fixtures and a variety of other things. We are more than knowledgeable in plumbing: we also offer home and business HVAC services such as residential AC repairs, commercial heater installations, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality.

We put our clients first, providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a low-cost guarantee on systems of comparable result, and a same-day change-out if necessary. Call Sierra Air Inc. at (775) 446-6636 or visit our site to schedule your service and keep your house or workplace at a safe level.


Understanding Plumbing Systems

Plumbing is among the most critical parts of your home that guarantees it is more functioning at its best. Let Sierra Air Inc. simplify and address your plumbing systems, and thereby allow your plumbing requirements to be streamlined and essential work to be handled.

Types of Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes serve as the foundation of any plumbing system as they are used to convey water and waste from and to the house. The following are the primary types of plumbing we deal with;

  • PVC Pipes: These pipes are common for residential plumbing due to their longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  • Copper Pipes: These pipes also provide an extended period of service and are mostly used for water supply lines.
  • PEX Pipes: PEX is more comfortable and flexible to work with, and such plumbing is employed in interior water piping and radiant heating systems.

We will advise on the most suitable pipeline for efficient and durable plumbing when it comes to your residential systems.

Common Plumbing Problems

Even the best-installed plumbing systems will run into problems now and then. Common problems we work on include:

  • Plumbing Leaks: ranging from dripping faucets to pinhole leaks, is a leading cause of increasing water utility bills and damage to a property.
  • Corrosion: Overtime, the pipes could corrode, leading to water leakage or water quality problems.

Sierra Air Inc. is proud to offer a fast and pleasant service for all of our clients. As one of the only licensees for manufactured housing and offering same-day change-outs, we assure 100%, guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our low price guarantee on comparable systems ensures that Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and the surrounding areas get the best value for their money. With trustworthy solutions to any plumbing problem, depend on us at Sierra Air Inc. Call us today at to set up a consultation with our terrific staff members.

Basic Plumbing Repair Tools

Before embarking on any plumbing repair, it’s crucial to have the right tools on hand. We at Sierra Air Inc., with over 30 years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, understand that a well-equipped toolbox is the foundation of any successful DIY plumbing project. Below, you’ll find an essential selection of tools that we recommend for tackling common plumbing repairs.

Wrenches and Pliers

  • Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench is a must-have for working on compression fittings, supply lines, and other plumbing components that require a secure grip.
  • Basin Wrench: This specialized tool is designed to reach behind sinks to tighten or remove faucets.
  • Groove Joint Pliers: Commonly known as channel locks, these are adjustable and provide a strong grip, perfect for turning pipes, fittings, and nuts.

Plungers and Pipe Snakes

  • Cup Plunger: Ideal for clearing clogs in sinks and bathtubs.
  • Flange Plunger: This type of plunger is better suited for toilets due to its flanged bottom.

Tapes and Sealants

  • Plumber’s Tape (Teflon Tape): Helps to seal pipe threads against leaks, ensuring a watertight connection.
  • Pipe Dope (Thread Sealing Compound): This paste is applied to pipe threads to create a more reliable seal.

For issues beyond the scope of your home toolkit, Sierra Air Inc. is here to provide fast, friendly service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We offer repairs and a low-price guarantee on comparable systems. Serving Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and surrounding areas, we are the go-to professionals for all Plumbing, Residential HVAC, and Commercial HVAC needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any plumbing repair or HVAC service. Call us now at (775) 446-6636 or visit our website and fill out our online contact form to receive help quickly. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


When to Call a Professional Plumber

We understand that some minor plumbing issues can be tempting to handle on your own. However, certain plumbing problems can escalate if not addressed properly. Knowing when to call a professional plumber can save you time and money in the long run. At Sierra Air Inc., we’re committed to providing expert plumbing services tailored to your needs.

Evaluating Plumbing Issues

No Hot Water: A sudden change to cold shower water definitely means a water heater problem that needs professional evaluation.

Persistent Leaks: Leaks that accompany you everywhere you go also need to be correctly identified and fixed by a professional plumber.

Water Stains and Musty Odors: These two nightmare phrases mean some kind of a hidden leak that only a professional can identify and correct .

Benefits of Professional Services

  • Thorough Inspection: A professional plumber from Sierra Air Inc. will conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify the root cause of your plumbing problem.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer competitive rates and ensure our services provide a long-term solution, saving you money down the line.
  • Expertise and Tools: Our professional plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to fix complex plumbing issues correctly.
  • Consultation on Additional Concerns: Sierra Air Inc. provides valuable insights on any other potential plumbing issues you might be facing.

At Sierra Air Inc., we offer a range of services including residential plumbing, HVAC repair and installation, same-day change-outs, and more. We are licensed, offer a low price guarantee on comparable systems, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


If you're experiencing persistent leaks, water damage, or unusual noises from your pipes, it's time to call in professionals. We at Sierra Air Inc. can diagnose and rectify the issues promptly and efficiently.
Warning signs of plumbing problems include slow drains, sewage-like odors, and unusual noises during water flow. Such indicators often point toward blockages or other concerns that may require professional attention.
A routine inspection and maintenance of your plumbing should be conducted annually. Regular checks can prevent major damages and save on costly repairs. Stick to a consistent maintenance schedule with us for your peace of mind.
Select a company that is licensed, values fast and friendly service, and guarantees customer satisfaction. At Sierra Air Inc., we bring decades of experience and commitment to excellence in servicing Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and surrounding areas.
The cost for plumbing repairs varies based on the nature and complexity of the job. We offer a low price guarantee on comparable systems, ensuring you receive quality service that fits your budget.
To schedule a service with Sierra Air Inc., call us at (775) 446-6636 or use our online contact form. For emergency repairs, we provide same-day service and are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. For reliable and expert plumbing repair services, trust Sierra Air Inc. We are equipped and ready to address all your plumbing and HVAC needs with a clear commitment to quality and customer care.

For personalized assistance and to arrange a service, call Sierra Air Inc. at (775) 446-6636 or use our online contact form—we offer fast, friendly, and reliable service to address all your plumbing installation needs.

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