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Comprehensive Plumbing Maintenance in Reno – Trust Sierra Air Inc.

Regular plumbing maintenance is important if you want to ensure the smooth running of the water systems in your home. At Sierra Air Inc. we understand the importance of a well maintained plumbing network and offer a variety of services to address the issues of any kind. Our highly trained technicians assure fast, friendly service and 100% customer satisfaction.  We have been covering Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City and nearby areas with experience numbering decades in plumbing maintenance.

Sierra Air Inc. prides itself as the number one service provider for plumbing, residential and commercial HVAC needs. Our same day change outs and repairs on all makes and models, ensure you are covered all time. Further, our low price system guarantee and the fastest service delivery highlight our priority in ensuring our customers get the best value.  Contact us to schedule plumbing maintenance with us or by completing an online contact form. Let us assure plumbing maintenance at the highest level as you trust that all your systems are in expert’s hands.


Assessing Your Plumbing System:

At Sierra Air Inc., we recognize and understand that regular examinations of your plumbing system are crucial if you are to preserve your plumbing system’s effectiveness and lifespan. Our team is ready to help you understand the most frequent issues and guide you to use the right methods for inspection and to determine when it is appropriate to contact a professional.

Identifying Common Issues:

Identify early to avoid costly repairs:

  • Leaks: Find wet spots under pipes or wet ceilings.
  • Dripping faucets: Especially a common fault and signal of worn washers or valves.
  • Water heater noise: Means sedimental build-up or failure of components.

Tools for Inspection:

Equip yourself with the following for a basic inspection:

  • A flashlight: One to look in the dark spaces below the sink or behind the appliance.
  • Wrenches and pliers: To tighten or remove the fittings.
  • Plumber’s tape: To seal thread joints from the leaks.
  • Inspection camera: It visually inspects the pipes.
  • Water pressure gauge: Measures the water pressure and essentially points out problems in it.

When to Call a Professional:

Reach out to Sierra Air Inc. if you encounter:

  • Complex issues: These are beyond basic fixes.
  • Regular recurrence: Of previously addressed problems.
  • Water damage: Signs of moisture where it shouldn’t be.
  • Major installations or repairs: These require expert knowledge and tools.

We offer you low-priced guarantees, fast services, and 100% customer satisfaction and make the best selection for Reno and its environs. Book an inspection now through contacting us today on (775) 446-6636 or visit our website for more information on how our registered experts can serve all your plumbing needs.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies

Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system is crucial to maintaining your home’s operations seamlessly. We at Sierra Air Inc. specialize in providing exceptional plumbing maintenance services designed to prevent emergencies and prolong the life of your system.

Regular Cleaning Practices

We recommend:

  • Faucets: Inspect for leaks or drips and address them promptly to conserve water.

Pipe Insulation Techniques

  • Indoor Pipes: Use pre-slit pipe foam to cover pipes and secure them with duct tape.
  • Outdoor Pipes: Wrap with heating tape before insulating for additional protection against freezing temperatures.

Water Heater Maintenance

  • Annual Inspection: Keep your unit efficient and extend its lifespan by removing sediment buildup.
  • Temperature: Set it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding and reduce energy consumption.

Choose Sierra Air Inc. for our expertise in maintaining your plumbing system. We are the clear choice with our low price guarantee, fast, friendly service, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call now to ensure your home plumbing maintenance is handled in the best.


Plumbing Maintenance During Renovation

When undertaking a renovation, it’s critical to focus on aesthetic updates and ensure that the plumbing system functions seamlessly with new installations and meets all current building regulations.

Integration With New Fixtures

When new fixtures are selected for your renovation project, we help you confirm that these additions integrate properly with your existing plumbing system. Whether it’s sinks, toilets, or showers, Sierra Air Inc. is adept at handling the complexities of:

  • Size and Fit: Ensuring new fixtures fit within the allocated space and existing plumbing layout.
  • Compatibility: Verifying fixture compatibility with current plumbing to prevent leaks or damage.

Upgrading Existing Pipes

Throughout renovations, older pipes might need replacement to enhance the overall plumbing system’s efficiency and safety. At Sierra Air Inc., we specialize in:

  • Quality Materials: Replacing old pipes with durable materials that reduce the risk of leaks and corrosion.
  • Increased Capacity: Upgrading pipe size when necessary to accommodate the flow demands of additional fixtures.

Ensuring Code Compliance

Sierra Air Inc. stays informed about the latest building codes to ensure your renovation adheres to all legal requirements. Our services include:

  • Permits and Standards: Obtaining necessary permits and making sure all work complies with current plumbing codes.
  • Inspections: Scheduling and facilitating inspections to approve the updated plumbing work.

For top-notch plumbing maintenance services during your Reno renovation, choose Sierra Air Inc. We’re licensed for manufactured housing, offer same-day change-outs, and provide quick, friendly service with a low price guarantee on comparable systems.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and have 30+ years of experience. Whether you need plumbing, residential HVAC, or commercial HVAC services in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, or surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered.

Call us at (775) 446-6636 or fill out our online contact form to ensure your renovation’s plumbing needs are met with excellence.


The cost can vary depending on the scope of maintenance, but you can expect transparent pricing with Sierra Air Inc. We offer a low price guarantee on comparable systems to give you the best value for your investment.
Homeowners should regularly check for leaks, inspect their water heater, and ensure their drains are clear of obstructions. Our trained technicians at Sierra Air Inc. can provide comprehensive maintenance checks to keep your system running smoothly.
Sierra Air Inc. is the top choice for high-quality plumbing maintenance. Our licensed professionals can handle emergency same-day change-outs and repairs on all makes and models.
We recommend scheduling maintenance at least once a year to prevent major issues. Sierra Air Inc. offers fast, friendly service and emergency repairs, ensuring your system remains in prime condition.
To achieve cost-effective maintenance, look for companies that offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, like Sierra Air Inc. We serve Reno and the surrounding areas and are dedicated to providing quality service at affordable prices.
Yes, benefits include preventing costly emergencies, extending the life of your plumbing system, and maintaining water quality. With Sierra Air Inc., you also benefit from our vast experience and superior customer service.

For personalized assistance and to arrange a service, call Sierra Air Inc. at (775) 446-6636 or use our online contact form—we offer fast, friendly, and reliable service to address all your plumbing installation needs.

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  • Licensed to Work on Manufactured Housing
    Licensed to Work on Manufactured Housing
  • Emergency Same Day Change-Outs
    Emergency Same Day Change-Outs
  • Low Price Guarantee on Comparable Systems
    Low Price Guarantee on Comparable Systems
  • Fast Friendly Service
    Fast Friendly Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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