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How to Quickly Cool Your Home During a Heatwave

Struggling to beat the heat? When the height of summer brings a heatwave, staying cool can be a challenge. Whether you’re having a hard time sleeping in the heat, you’re working from home, or you have family members that need it cooler, there are a lot of ways you can bring the temperature down.

Here are some tips to manage a summer heat wave and help your air conditioner with the workload.


Don’t Turn the Air Conditioner Thermostat Low

Though it may seem counterintuitive, turning your air conditioner’s thermostat down won’t do help you keep your home any cooler. Your air conditioner can only manage to cool your home to about 20 or 25 degrees less than outdoors, so it’s best to keep it at a reasonable temperature to avoid overworking it.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t cool your room, but they can help to circulate the conditioned air that comes from your air conditioner. They’ll also help you stay comfortable by drying the perspiration on your skin and dropping your body temperature.


Circulate Cooled Air

You can cool down the space in your home to help out your air conditioner by filling bowls with ice water. Put them in front of a fan and it can blow the ice-cold air around the room. If you have a bigger space, fill up a few bowls and use them with fans to remove some of the heat.

Cool Yourself Down with a Frozen Water Bottle

Even if the room is hot, you can keep yourself cooler while you’re working or sleeping by using a hot water bottle. Fill your hot water bottle with water and freeze it, then place on your bed or chair to help yourself stay cool.


Block Out the Sun

We didn’t always have air conditioners to keep us cool. Until they were invented about a century ago, people had to cool their homes using less-advanced methods, such as closing the curtains and shades on the sunny side of the house. You’d be surprised how much heat the sun can bring when it’s filtering in through the blinds.


Create a Smaller Space to Cool

If you have rooms you aren’t using, such as extra bedrooms or bathrooms, close the vents and the doors to keep the conditioned air from reaching them. It’s waste to cool these spaces, and having a smaller space to cool can help your air conditioner remove the heat and humidity more easily – and with less effort.

Don’t Use Your Oven

If possible, don’t use your oven to cook during a heat wave. This will add a lot of heat to your home, so cook food on the grill, get takeout, or make meals you don’t have to cook like sandwiches. If you have to cook, use the microwave or pressure cooker, which produces less heat.

Freeze Your Sheets

Heat waves can make it hard to sleep comfortably. Put your sheets in the freezer before bed to get them nice and cool before you plan to sleep. While this won’t last eight hours, it’ll help to cool the room and your bed to let you sleep better.


Hang a Wet Sheet

Another option for your sheets is to wet them and hang them in front of your fans or open windows. Like the ice water, hanging a wet sheet circulates cool air and brings the temperature down in the room.

Create a Breeze in Your Bedroom

A few hours before bed, crack a window to let a breeze in. Fans can help the air circulate better and removes some of the stagnant air as well. If it’s still hot, leave the fans on while you sleep.


Don’t Turn on All the Lights

Light bulbs generate some heat. But during a heat wave when you have all the lights on, that extra heat can really make a difference. Try to leave the lights off during the day and only turn a few on once the sun goes down.

Avoid Using Your Washing Machine or Dishwasher

It’s best to avoid using appliances as much as possible when it’s hot in your house. The biggest culprits for extra heat and humidity are your washing machine and dishwasher, so try to avoid using them if possible. Otherwise, use them late in the evening or in the early morning when it’s a little cooler.

Get Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioner plays a key role in your comfort all summer long. If it’s stressed out, aging, or overworked, it can’t do that job as efficiently. It’s important to schedule a tune up before the season starts to take care of any problems with your air conditioner and prepare it for a long, hot summer. If it’s getting up there in age, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer and more efficient model.

If you need an air conditioning tune up or repair, contact the pros at Sierra Air to schedule an appointment!

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