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Wood Smoke and Indoor Air Quality

Winter is coming! Game of Thrones may be long over, but winter will never die. And while we’re lucky to not have the frigid winters a lot of the country has to deal with, shorter days bring chilly nights, and there’s no better way to warm up than with a cozy and festive fire. But before you light up, remind your family (and yourself) of some best practices for wood smoke and your home’s air.

How does wood smoke affect the air?

Anyone who lives out west is no stranger to the hazards of fire in relation to our home’s air quality. But is wood smoke from the fireplace or another alternative heating source the same story?

According to the EPA, wood smoke can contain trace amounts of harmful chemicals, gases, even tar. Breathing in these particles can aggravate the respiratory system and agitate heart and lung conditions, such as asthma. Cold, dry weather has a tendency to exacerbate these problems already, and there is emerging data that suggests that wood smoke can increase the risk of bronchitis or COVID.

How To Protect Your Indoor Air from Wood Smoke

Health risks can vary in severity from household to household, but whether you have a family member’s health conditions to take into account or simply want to preserve your home’s pure air, there are ways to prevent poor air quality.

Store Wood The Right Way

Keep firewood dry and out of the elements to reduce the possibility of burning off foreign substances. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep all firewood prepared (split, stacked, and covered up) for at least six months prior to burning.

Don’t Ditch Your Heater

The fireplace is no substitute for a modern heating system. Trying to force large amounts of heat through a fire only adds harmful gases to your air without heating your home as efficiently as an HVAC system will.

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