The comfort level of your Carnelian Bay home is incredibly important—especially during the summer months when the temperatures rise, and we rely so much more on our home’s air conditioner. Since home cooling systems are pretty darn reliable, most people don’t have to think too much about their home’s A/C until something goes wrong. However, not paying proper attention to your system until it stops working correctly can often result in an expensive emergency repair.

Are you familiar with the signs that your AC may not be working properly? Pay attention to these warning signs below, and if you notice anything off with your A/C, call in a professional to diagnose and help out.

Top Signs A/C Isn’t Working

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If you are in need of having your home’s cooling system maintenance or repaired, give us a call. We boast some of the top HVAC technicians in the area and provide ongoing support to our customers. Since 1986, we’ve been doing it right: providing honest, reliable, and friendly service all year long.