If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance you’re interested in energy savings for cooling your home. It’s smart to have an energy savings plan to help you decide what you need to do to reduce excess energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.

Why Not Just Crank Down Your A/C?

Although this is a very fast and efficient way to quickly cool down your home, is not the most energy efficient, nor is it the best choice for the health of your system.  Running an air conditioner at a very low temperature will make your energy bills skyrocket, and it’s not the only way to keep you feeling super cool while chilling out at home.

According to energy experts, cooling bills account for approximately 15% of total energy bills in most households. During warm months, this can jump up to 60 – 70%! That’s a significant amount considering how much electrically run gadgets and appliances we Americans use on a daily basis.

Even though using an air conditioner is a simple and practical way of keeping cool when the weather warms up, it can be enhanced by adding a fan or two to your home. Or, if you have ceiling fans installed, you can truly reduce your energy use by flipping these on while your A/C is running.

How Do Fans Help?

The energy it takes to power a fan is significantly less than what it takes to cool an entire house with an air conditioner. Therefore, it’s smart to raise the temperature setting on your thermostat a few degrees while using fans simultaneously to help cool you down. The way a fan works is that it actually forces hot air down and away from persons sitting near it, causing evaporation from the skin, which can make you feel a heck of a lot cooler. In comparison to running an A/C, using a ceiling or box fan accounts for only 1 to 2% of energy use, making this an efficient way to cool your home.

Ceiling fans or portable fans can reduce the overall need to have your A/C running full blast during the hottest days of the year. Using a ceiling fan along with an energy efficient cooling system can be an extremely efficient way to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer months. By using a ceiling or box fan, you can effectively raise your thermostat’s setting up to 10 degrees without compromising the comfort of your home! Just think of all the energy savings.

If you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your home, consider picking up a small portable fan or two. These will do the trick just as well as a ceiling fan for a fraction of the cost. You can oftentimes find inexpensive fans at drugstores or department stores, and adding these to your home will help keep you cool and your energy costs low!

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