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Space Heater Safety Tips

How to Use Your Space Heater Safely this Winter

Space heaters are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep warm during the cool winter months. When used correctly, they can work well to heat a small area. But, like any electronic device, space heaters have a few potential hazards. Follow these easy tips to use a space heater safely.

Keep the Space Heater on the Floor

When using a portable space heater, it’s essential to keep it on the floor. Never put it on a table or countertop — that’s how fires start. Also, be conscious of what material your space heater is on. Carpets, rugs, and other flammable materials should be avoided. The best place to put your space heater is on a smooth tiled floor or a heatproof mat.

Warming Feet With A Space Heater

To use a space heater safely, never put it on top of furniture or appliances because it could fall and cause a serious injury or fire. When you place a space heater on top of tables or dressers, you risk burning yourself or damaging your belongings.

Move Flammable Objects Away

Space heaters are generally not intended as the primary heating source in any room or area of a home or building. Instead, they’re designed to supplement central heating systems in small rooms or spaces where additional heat is desired.

Never place anything on top of your heater — even if it’s turned off — because it could overheat and start a fire if accidentally turned back on while items are on top of it.

Adjust The Heat On A Space Heater

And keep all flammable objects away from your space heater, including curtains and drapes. Ideally, anything should be at least 3 feet away from your space heater. Even if the space heater is turned off, make sure nothing is around it until it’s completely cooled.

Never Leave the Space Heater Unattended

Never leave your space heater unattended. If you go to sleep or leave the house for any length of time, turn off the space heater and unplug it.

Because space heaters are so easy to use and provide such quick results, many people leave them on after they’ve left the room, even for a bathroom break. However, leaving your space heater unattended can be dangerous.

Space Heater Fire Meme

Always unplug your space heater before leaving the room or going to bed at night. The fact is that a space heater should never be left unsupervised. If the space heater overheats while you are out, the damage can be astronomical.

Avoid Using Power strips or Extension Cords

Extension cords should never be used with space heaters because they are not meant for such high-wattage devices.

Extension cords and power strips aren’t designed for use with high-wattage appliances like space heaters. This means that when you plug your space heater into an extension cord or power strip, it can overheat, causing a fire or even melting the insulation on the wire. In addition, this could potentially cause an electrical shock when touched by someone nearby.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

Curious children and hot space heaters are a bad combination. Children can burn themselves from touching the hot surfaces or knock over the space heater by getting tangled in the cord.

Cat Warming Up By A Space Heater

If you must use a space heater in an area where there are young children, install safety guards around the front of the unit. Ensure that no part of the guard is missing or damaged so fingers cannot get caught inside. The same goes for curious pets. They could get burned by touching the heated surface or accidentally knock it over.

Never Put it Near Liquids

Water and space heaters don’t mix. It’s a common misconception that you can use a space heater in the bathroom or near water, it can cause an electric shock or start a fire.

This is because water conducts electricity, when it comes into contact with an electrical source, it can cause sparks or fire.

If you notice that your space heater is getting wet, immediately turn off the power and remove the plug from the wall. Also, never use your space heater in the bathroom or near sinks.

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