The duct system in your home – the collection of tubes that distributes heated or cooled air to various rooms throughout your home – can have a significant impact on your wallet, home comfort and health.

Your duct system functions as the respiratory system of your home. When the duct system becomes contaminated and congested, it should be cleaned so it can “breathe” normally and efficiently.

Is the air you breathe in your home causing illness or worsening your allergies?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to have your air duct system professionally cleaned.

  • Does anyone smoke cigarettes in the house?
  • Do you have dogs, cats or other household pets?
  • Does it seem like there is not enough air flow coming from your vents?
  • Is your furnace equipped only with a standard throw-away fiberglass filter?
  • Do you notice musty, moldy or stale odors when the furnace or air conditioner runs?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from headaches, nasal congestion or other sinus problems at night or in the morning?
Clockwise from top left: Dust Mite, Pollen, Bacteria, Mold
Clockwise from top left: Dust Mite, Pollen, Bacteria, Mold

Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your duct system every time the furnace or air conditioner runs. These contaminants accumulate inside your home’s duct system and create an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, fungus, mildew and other bacteria. These airborne contaminants are then circulated throughout your home, significantly impacting the health of your family. Family members who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments, especially children and seniors, are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollutants.

The removal of contaminants from the entire HVAC system is recognized by industry experts as the most effective way to eliminate air duct pollutants. This is referred to as the “source removal method” of duct cleaning. In addition to the obvious health benefits, duct cleaning can help you maintain a cleaner home and can also help restore HVAC system capacity and lessen running time, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

Don’t suffer any longer. Start breathing cleaner, healthier air with Sierra Air’s Turbo Jet Cleaning System.

Sierra Air’s Turbo Jet Cleaning method ensures that your ducts are being cleaned with the most advanced source removal equipment available. This high-tech, state-of-the-art system is used by leading professional duct cleaners throughout the United States, and is widely recognized as the most significant duct cleaning equipment technology.

Our Turbo Jet air duct cleaning process removes airborne contaminants and sanitizes your entire heating and cooling system with Enviro-G and EPA, OSHA, and USDA sanitizer to eliminate microorganisms. In addition, the Sierra Air Turbo Jet Cleaning method increases the life of your heating and cooling system, saves on energy costs, eliminates other contaminants such as insects and allergic stimuli and provides for cleaner carpets, windows and drapes in your home. We follow the strict standards of NADCA using the most powerful equipment in the industry.