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How To Improve Your Water Quality With Pipe Replacement

A variety of plumbing problems can cause your water quality to decrease. Getting your pipes replaced is one of the best things that you can do to improve your water quality and increase the lifespan of your plumbing system.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen If Your Pipes Are Old?

There can be a lot of potential issues and expensive repairs due to old water pipes. Here are some of the common challenges homeowners face.



Old pipes can easily spring a leak in your water pipe system. Leaks occur when the pipes have been broken down over a long duration. This can cause dirt and minerals to enter your water supply.


Usually, when there’s a leak due to old pipes, other areas of your water pipes might have the same problem. Replacing everything at once will save you from seeing further problems.


The deterioration of the inside walls of your water pipes by water and minerals results in corrosion. This can cause a host of issues, such as leaks, ruptures, pressure buildup, mineral clogs, and the accumulation of rust in your pipes. Because this condition is irreversible, your pipes will need to be replaced.

Emergency Repairs

Old or corroded pipes are more likely to have leaks and large cracks. This condition could result in an emergency repair from a licensed plumber. Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies can be extremely expensive. But some issues can be avoided. Having your pipes replaced will avoid damage and home repairs and help save you money on a hefty emergency bill.


Dirty, Foul-Tasting Water

Corrosion or leaks can be caused by old pipes. This can cause your water to become dirty and taste or smell terrible. If you’re noticing rust and dirt particles floating in your water, you likely have corrosion or a leak in your water pipes. This will allow earthen minerals to enter your water supply and eventually your drinking glass.

How New Pipes Improve Your Water Quality

Your water quality can be improved instantly when replacing the pipes. Below are three benefits of replacing your water pipes.


Cleaner Water

Old and corroded pipes can cause your water supply to become dirty. Once your water pipe replacement is completed you will notice that your water doesn’t have dirt in it and tastes and smells much better. This will assure you that your water is clean, which will put your mind at ease.


Free From Corrosion

As you know corrosion can cause dirty water and an increased chance for leaks in your water pipes. When your pipes are replaced you will not see rust in your drinking water, and your pipes will be less prone to leaks. This will also help make your water safe for consumption as dangerous materials that can cause illness are no longer present in your drinking water.

All Pipes Are Made From The Same Materials

When your water pipes are all made from the same materials, they last longer. When a water pipe system is made up of more than one material, the materials can interact negatively and accelerate the breakdown process, shortening the lifespan of your system.

When a licensed plumber performs a pipe replacement, they will use all one material for the whole system to increase its longevity.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Plumbing System Piping

Here are a few other benefits to keep in mind.

Decreased Risk Of Weak Or Busted Pipes

New, strong water pipes are much better for your home than old, weak pipes. Strong water pipes will help decrease the likelihood of a pipe bursting. In turn, this will help avoid problems for many years to come and save you money on emergency repairs.

Increased Property Values

If you’re planning to sell your home, making updates can increase your listing price. A full plumbing system replacement can significantly increase the property’s value. New water pipes will last much longer, and there will be fewer chances of plumbing issues in the future, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.


Should You Replace Water Pipes Yourself?

Some plumbing repairs, such as replacing a shower head or faucet, can easily be done on your own. But a more complex project like a system-wide pipe replacement is more complicated and should be completed by a licensed professional.

A certified plumber has all of the equipment, skills, and knowledge to complete the job without causing more issues. Having a professional do the job can also ensure the safety of your home and you.

Call Sierra and Improve Your Water Quality

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