Why is Ventilation Important?

“Let it breathe.” This advice is just as important  for homes and buildings as it is for wine. Unfortunately, as residential and commercial heating and cooling contractors now design their structures to be as airtight as possible, it’s become increasingly difficult for homes and businesses to “breathe” on their own. This is where proper ventilation plays a vital role. Ventilation helps contribute to overall indoor air quality (IAQ) levels and ensures that the air circulating inside your home or office doesn’t become stale.

Let our ventilation specialists at Sierra Air teach you the basics of structural ventilation and why it’s important to allow your home to breathe.

Negative Pressure

Changes in air pressure may not be as noticeable at sea level, but they can still have an effect on how air circulates inside your home. In many residential and commercial air conditioning systems, exhaust vents pump air continuously out of the structure. This creates less pressure indoors which, in turn, causes heavier-than-air gases from the outdoors to try and fill in the gap by entering your home through whatever means they can. Proper ventilation stabilizes the pressure inside your home and prevents this problem from ever occurring in the first place.

Humidity Control

An excessively high moisture level is the number one culprit for many problems in both your home’s structure and its heating and cooling systems. With enough ventilation, you can allow high-humidity areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and kitchens to release their exhaust outdoors instead of keeping it inside.

With Ventilation Problems, Trust Only the Professionals

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