What Is Short-Cycling?

One of the most common problems with heating and air conditioning systems is short-cycling. This happens when the unit cycles on and off continuously over short periods of time. HVAC systems consume the most energy when being turned on, so frequent short-cycling can drive up your utility costs in no time. Moreover, these constant on-off cycles can put your equipment under great stress, causing a variety of problems and shortening its life span.

So what can you do to resolve these issues? Let our HVAC specialists at Sierra Air explain the problem thoroughly and offer you effective solutions for dealing with short-cycling.

Short-Cycling and HVAC Sizing

Your air conditioning installation contractor should take measurements to determine the heating and cooling load of your home before installing a unit. This is called sizing the system, and it’s an important part of the installation process. An HVAC system that’s too large for your space will experience short-cycling problems, running for too short a time to fully heat up or cool a small room. This will cause the thermostat to cycle the system on and off frequently.

Preventing Short-Cycling

Talk to your HVAC contractor before installation about properly matching the cooling and heating load of your home with your HVAC system. If the problem is caused by something other than an improperly-sized unit, call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Short-cycling is often a symptom of more serious HVAC issues.

Troubleshooting Short-Cycling Problems

Before you contact a professional for heating and air conditioning repair, however, it’s best to take a few troubleshooting steps on your own to eliminate possible issues. First, check the air filters. Clogged filters can affect system performance, causing the unit to short-cycle. Next, turn your thermostat on and off. If the issue stops, your thermostat may just need to be recalibrated.

Trust Only the Best in HVAC Repair

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