What Causes a Furnace to Keep Running?

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about a loud furnace, but there’s definitely something wrong when it never stops running or operates continually without generating enough heat.

What Causes a Furnace to Keep Running?

Experts in heating and air conditioning can attest that such uncharacteristic furnace behavior may be due to any of the situations below:

Your Thermostat Is Set Too High

The thermostat tells your furnace when it needs to warm up your space. If the temperature setting is too high, your heating unit may struggle to keep up if the weather is too cold outside. It may seem to run endlessly because it can’t reach the level of heating the thermostat demands.

A good troubleshooting step to determine whether this is the issue is to adjust your thermostat below the current air temperature in the room.

If your furnace quiets down after four minutes, it means that your thermostat setting is unrealistically high. Set it to 68°F to attain and maintain optimal comfort and to prevent this same issue from recurring.

Your Thermostat Is Set to ON

Can you still hear your furnace running even when the room is warm enough? Its fan is probably set to ON, forcing it to spin even when your heating equipment is done producing hot air. Set the fan to AUTO instead to avoid wasting energy.

Your Furnace Can’t Pull In Enough Air

If your furnace filter is filthy, your furnace won’t be able to pull in enough air, which will impair its heating ability. Washing or replacing your filter regularly will help your heating unit function normally again.

Your Ducts Are Leaky

Your furnace may be producing enough warm air, but it just isn’t making it to its intended destination due to breaks in the ducts. As a consequence, your heating equipment is continuously trying to make up for the leaked air. These leaks will need to be located and repaired ASAP to prevent wasted energy.

Thermostat or Filter Not the Culprit? Call an Expert in Heating and Air in Reno

Heating and air experts advise against troubleshooting issues you can’t fix by adjusting the thermostat or changing the filter. Call Sierra Air at (775) 800-5500 now to request service to address the real reasons why your furnace keeps running.