Symptoms of Poor Air Duct Maintenance

The air ducts, vents and registers are the primary means of circulating air for most residential and commercial air conditioning systems. While proper filters can keep most contaminants out, they’re not always 100% efficient, allowing small amounts of dust and dirt to get inside the ducts and reduce your home’s indoor air quality. Over time, these contaminants build up, leading to bigger problems with your HVAC system.

Professional duct cleaning is the number one answer to this type of problem, and experts recommend having the service performed at least once every few years. But how do you know when you’re due for a cleaning? Common symptoms of dirty air ducts include:

Visible Dust

The first thing most commercial heating and cooling contractors do when inspecting your duct network is to visually check for any signs of contamination. Getting a good look at the inner sections of ductwork can be tricky, and should only be done by trained professionals. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at the visible parts of your registers. If your vents are puffing out small dust clouds every few seconds, this could be a sign of dirt deeper within your network.

Clogged Filters

Air filters normally do a sufficient job at trapping particles to keep indoor air clear, though if you haven’t changed them in a while they may already be saturated. Check your filters to determine their status. If you see layers of dust on the filter surface, call the professionals right away for a thorough cleaning of all your air ducts.

Dusty Parts

Visible dust on the coils, blower fans and motors is also a sure indicator that you should call for AC, heating and air conditioning services soon. Problems with these important components lead to costly repairs which could have been easily prevented with a quick cleaning.

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