5 Ways to Save Energy When Cooling Your Home

Are you a homeowner or renter looking to save money on cooling your home? Read on for some great tips!

Get a Fan (Or Use the Ones You Have)

If your home has ceiling fans, consider it a major benefit and utilize them often. Regularly using your ceiling fans will allow you to increase your thermostat’s temperature without compromising the comfort of your indoor space at all. If you don’t have ceiling fans, portable box or stand fans can work the exact same way. Since fans require a lot less energy to run than an A/C, you’ll be saving a good deal of energy by just turning on a fan or two.

Unblock Vents

Sometimes we arrange furniture and other accessories in a room to meet a certain aesthetic criterion, which is a wonderful way to create an enjoyable space. It may not be the best way, though, to save on energy costs if the airflow of your home is obstructed by the arrangement of your furniture. Check registers and major vents around your home to ensure that no large pieces of furniture are blocking the airflow, if anything is… move it.

Change Your Thermostat Setting

Did you know that for every 1 degree you increase your thermostat when running your air conditioner, that you can save about 4-5% on energy costs?! That’s actually a pretty big deal considering how high a typical monthly cooling bill could cost. So, if you normally set your thermostat to 72ºF, and increase it to 74ºF (still a very comfortable indoor temperature), you could potentially save up to 10% on energy costs. GO up even higher and you get more savings! This easy tip can start saving you money today—so what are you waiting for? Crank up that thermostat temp for excellent energy savings.

Dodge Direct Sunlight

If your home house south facing windows, it’s smart to close the drapes or blinds on these windows during the day when the temps rise outdoors. The extra heat caused from the direct sun shining through can cause your A/C to have to work overtime to cool your home, which equals more energy costs to cover.

Get a Maintenance Check

Has it been a long time since you changed your HVAC system’s air filter? If the answer is yes, then chances are probably that it could also use a tune-up. Having a professional come in once per year to check on the health of your HVAC system is a smart way to save on energy costs. An improperly working system can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses, and could potentially do further damage to your unit. The cost of a service call is much cheaper than a total system replacement and is a smart investment towards better energy savings.

Get Expert Care with Our Maintenance Agreements

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