Practical Tips for Saving Money on Your AC This Summer

Indoor comfort is a top priority in the summer, but this doesn’t mean you should let your air conditioner blow away more dollars than necessary on energy usage. To save money on your AC this summer, follow the expert tips listed below.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Reputable residential and commercial air conditioning experts can attest that convenience is not the only benefit of having a smart thermostat. In addition to programmability and remote access, automation and self-diagnostics are two other capabilities that make this advanced piece of technology worth the expense.

A smart thermostat can learn your preferences for comfort as well as your heating and cooling habits to make temperature adjustments accordingly. Its ability to keep your AC from producing more chilled air than necessary can also translate into significant savings over time.

Furthermore, a smart thermostat can send you maintenance notifications, gathering data from your HVAC system to send tune-up reminders and identify inefficiencies ASAP.

Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Even the most powerful and energy-efficient air conditioner will struggle to do its job properly when the sun keeps messing with indoor temperature levels.

To minimize solar heat transfer, consider installing high-performance windows. These glass units possess vital features like low-E coatings to prevent most of the sun’s infrared light (and ultraviolet radiation) from getting inside your property.

If you’re not ready to upgrade your windows, dress them up instead. Many window treatments on the market have outstanding thermal properties that contribute to improved insulation.

Install Ceiling Fans

Using a fan when your AC is running can make your indoor climate seem cooler than it really is. The wind chill factor helps cool the human body without necessarily having to change the ambient air temperature. With a strategically-installed ceiling fan, you can chill a large area while setting your AC higher for more energy savings.

Prepare Your Residential or Commercial Air Conditioning System for Summer

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