Does Your Skin Become Dry in Winter?

When the skin loses moisture, the result is dry, flaky, itchy and sometimes irritated skin. Normally, your sweat glands naturally produce a layer of oil to keep your skin moist, but this oil can be stripped away by a number of factors. Using soap products with harsh ingredients is one of the leading causes of dryness, but there’s an even more common one that many people overlook–cold winter weather.


In this post, our HVAC installation, repair and maintenance experts at Sierra Air have laid out a few ways your heating and cooling system can help prevent dry skin throughout the winter.

Controlling Humidity

During the winter, humidity rarely gets very high due to the dry outdoor air, a result of low outdoor temperatures. On the other hand, your heating system blows hot, dry air through your vents into your home. The epidermis–the outermost layer of the skin–normally reflects the amount of moisture in the air, so if you’re constantly exposed to dry air, your skin is always going to be dry as well.

To avoid this, you can use a humidifier. This can be added to an existing HVAC installation or used as a standalone unit. Set humidity levels to about 60%, which is the normal moisture level for your skin.

Skin Care

It can be tempting to take frequent hot showers, particularly on days that are especially chilly. Unfortunately, this can also remove the protective layer of oil (known as sebum) that your skin produces. If this layer is removed, your skin becomes more exposed to the dry air outside the shower, and will begin to show signs of dryness.

Keep Your Family Healthy With Sierra Air

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