Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Repairs?

Homeowners policies usually cover home repairs for damage due to fire, hurricane, hail, lightning and other disasters. This is of great help if your area has experienced an extreme weather event. One of the most commonly-asked questions about these policies is whether they cover HVAC repairs.

Read on to find out the answer to this frequently-asked question from a trusted provider of heating and air conditioning services.

When Does Your Policy Cover HVAC Repairs?

Damage due to fires, lightning strikes, falling trees and in some cases flooding are typically covered by home insurance policies. Your insurance may also cover repair costs for vandalism. To document the crime and damage, you should file a police report.

However, if your system experiences damage due to normal wear and tear or an accident, it won’t be covered. It would still help to consult your insurance agent regarding your coverage because inclusions vary by provider. Moreover, if your system experiences damage, remember not to delay repairs because this will only make the problem worse. Make sure to hire reputable residential or commercial heating and cooling contractors for your HVAC needs.

Instances Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Expect your insurance provider not to cover HVAC repairs caused by neglect or poor maintenance. The same goes for normal wear and tear as well as accidents. For example, if your 10-year-old AC fails due to lack of maintenance or accidentally gets hit by an object, you’ll be responsible for its repair or replacement.

Central air conditioning systems are also treated differently than window ACs. A central AC unit is considered part of your home’s structure,  while a window unit is deemed personal property. This means that window ACs are only covered under named perils or when it’s specifically stated In your policy.

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