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What Will Happen If You Don’t Maintain Your HVAC Filter?

Washing or changing the air filter is one of the most effective ways to keep your HVAC system in good condition at all times. This maintenance task is something you should do once every three to twelve months, depending on the quality of the filter you use.

But what would happen if you stopped cleaning or replacing your HVAC filter? Any expert in heating and air can tell you that the problems listed below would be the result sooner or later.

Mold Growth

A dirty air filter is bad enough in itself, but it gets worse when exposed to condensation. With a high level of moisture, it becomes wet enough to be a breeding ground for mold. Mold spores are everywhere, but they only multiply when the environment is damp and warm.

Moldy HVAC filters should be changed immediately, even if they were just recently installed. Otherwise, more allergens will get into the air and start circulating around the house.

HVAC Underperformance

A clogged filter will minimize or completely prevent air infiltration. When this happens, your HVAC equipment will not be able to produce sufficient conditioned air. The thermostat will continue to demand energy, but your heating and cooling system won’t be able to keep up, and will end up running constantly and burning fuel fruitlessly.

Mechanical Failure

Your HVAC equipment as a whole struggles when the air filter is filthy. Each component has to work extra hard because the system takes a long time to deliver as expected. This tremendous stress will cause your HVAC equipment, from the smallest part to the largest, to wear out faster.

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