Common HVAC Problems in Winter

The winter season brings its own set of challenges to your home HVAC system. With heating such an essential part of daily life during winter, understanding the common problems that your unit may face could mean the difference between being warm and comfortable and being cold and miserable.

In this post, our HVAC specialists at Sierra Air share some tips on how to properly prepare your home’s HVAC system so that you have a problem-free heating season.

Common Winter Problems

Freezing temperatures are particularly unfavorable for boilers and other systems that use water to heat up the home. Leaks in the insulation around pipes can cause freeze points that obstruct water circulation and lead to bigger problems with your HVAC system.

Normally, the heated water is enough to prevent ice build-up. However, if your outdoor unit becomes too inundated with snow or ice, it could trigger an emergency shutdown, cutting off your heating source and freezing the water in your pipes.

Moisture Damage

The inner components of your home HVAC system are particularly vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Leakages inside your unit can cause water to gather, freeze and thaw over the inner mechanism of your furnace or boiler. This cycle greatly accelerates corrosion and can damage your system from the inside out.

Fixing Common Issues

Snow and ice are the number one enemy of your home HVAC system in winter. Protect your outdoor unit from the elements with a cover or housing typically available from your local HVAC service provider. Alternatively, strategically placing trees or other exterior fixtures, such as awnings, in such a way as to shield your HVAC system from the worst of the weather works extremely well in preventing the common problems heating and cooling units typically face in the winter.

Protect Your Home HVAC System

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