Carrier® HVAC Product Named as Finalist for Engineering Award

Carrier’s Weather Series Rooftop Unit with EcoBlue™ Technology has been named as one of the finalists in Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) magazine’s Product of the Year competition. As a Carrier® Factory-Authorized Dealer, HVAC and air duct cleaning contractor Sierra Air shares an overview of this exciting new product.

Carrier Weather Series Rooftop Units

Weather Series Rooftop Units are Carrier’s top-of-the-line commercial HVAC units. The WeatherMaker® and WeatherMaster® HVAC systems feature EcoBlue Technology, which has six key features:

Innovative Outdoor Fan System — New Weather Series Rooftop Units feature a fully redesigned fan system that’s quieter and more dynamically balanced, and also provides long-lasting performance.

Unit Coil Design — Carrier improved on their time-tested round tube plate fin condenser coil design, reducing the size of the copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coils to 5/16ths of an inch.

Vane Axial Indoor Fan — Traditional belt-drive fans are replaced by a simpler, more compact design, the first of its kind for HVAC systems. This makes Weather Series Rooftop Units less noisy and more efficient, thanks to its direct-drive ECM motor and dynamically-balanced blade fan.

New Unit Control Board — The redesigned control board makes Carrier Weather Series Rooftop Units easier and more intuitive to operate, while providing features such as the one that tells you when to perform air duct cleaning.

Optional SystemVu™ Controls — SystemVu controls make it even easier to perform installation and diagnosis.

Tool-Less Filter Access Door — Carrier has made it easier to clean the air filters, thanks to a filter access door that you can remove with just your hands.

Your Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer

As a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer, Sierra Air offers the full range of Carrier HVAC systems, thermostats and humidifier/dehumidifier systems. When you choose new Weather Series Rooftop Units, you can enjoy the benefits of EcoBlue Technology on your property. Once installed, your Carrier HVAC system will also be eligible for Carrier’s industry-leading limited warranties.

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