Bad Air Filter Habits You Need to Break at Once

There’s no shortage of tips and advice you can glean from the internet on how to make your commercial air conditioning systems more energy efficient. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the importance of using the right air filter. Air filters don’t just purify the air and keep your indoor environment contaminant-free; they also contribute to the overall performance of your HVAC system.——————————————– CONTINUE READING ——————————————–With air filters playing such a significant role, it’s important to choose one that meets all your needs and is 100% right  for your system. Our experienced HVAC experts at Sierra Air recommend avoiding the following bad habits when it comes to your air filters:Choosing the Wrong FiltersWhile a lot of filters look pretty much the same, they actually vary in size, function and MERV rating. It’s always best to first consult with your commercial heating and cooling contractors to determine compatibility before making any large-scale decisions about upgrading your filters facility-wide. In addition, a licensed professional technician will be able to help you find the right size and MERV rating to meet your requirementsNeglecting to Replace Air FiltersOver time, filters can get saturated and clogged by the contaminants that they trap. A clogged filter can obstruct airflow within your duct network, forcing the system to consume more power just to maintain the same temperature level and greatly impacting its energy efficiency. Running your HVAC system at higher settings can also strain it, causing problems that can shorten its lifespan.Using the Wrong Type of Filter Choosing a filter with a higher MERV rating might seem like a good thing at first. However, MERV ratings are chosen based on their function, which means an ultra-efficient filter with a high MERV rating that’s often used in facilities with sensitive equipment isn’t suitable for smaller buildings that need optimal airflow. Talk to your heating and air conditioning services provider for help finding the right type of filter to meet your needs.Our professionals at Sierra Air can help you optimize your commercial HVAC system with the right air filters. Give us a call at (775) 800-5500 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and get a free quote on new HVAC installations today.