5 Tips on Tuning Up Your HVAC System for Spring

The arrival of spring is a good reminder that it’s time to do some HVAC maintenance.  Following the tips below can be a good start, especially if you don’t normally give your heating and cooling system a little TLC at this time of year


5 Tips on Tuning Up Your HVAC System for Spring


Adjust Thermostat for Daylight Saving Time

Before doing anything else, make sure your thermostat settings are consistent with the change brought about by DST. Adjust them forward by an hour so your furnace and air conditioner will be in sync with the new time we must observe until November.

Dust Floor Registers and Air Vents

Vacuum the nooks and crannies of these air passages. These areas are notorious for all kinds of buildup that can pollute the indoor air. To rid them of contaminants, including dust and pet dander, wash their surfaces with soapy water.

Normally, using a sponge would suffice to render them squeaky-clean. But if you encounter stubborn grime, you may need a tougher tool. A butter knife covered with a rag is useful in removing filth and accessing debris trapped in tight spaces. Old toothbrushes work well, also.

Change the Air Filter

Install a new filter to avoid performance problems with your air conditioner in preparation for the cooling season. As a general rule, you should change a one-inch filter once every one to three months, though pet owners may want to clean or replace theirs more often. Some thicker filters may not require replacement for one year.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

To be absolutely certain that your indoor air quality remains good throughout the spring, arrange an air duct cleaning session with a qualified technician. When using the Turbo Jet Cleaning method, all contaminants and microorganisms are removed from your forced-air system.

Add UV Lamps

If you haven’t yet, incorporate UV lights into your heating and cooling units. These powerful devices are tough on bacteria and mold, minimizing the amount of allergens circulating through your house via the ductwork.

Observe Preventive Maintenance With an HVAC Expert in Reno

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