4 Ways to Prevent Heat Exhaustion at Home This Summer

Summer magnifies the positives and negatives of the sun. Although rainfall may occur during this season, we can all agree that the weather is generally pleasant. The problem is the high heat index, which factors in the effects of humidity.

There’s no hiding from the sun, and heat exhaustion that can result in heatstroke is a real concern in the summer, even at home. To avoid this serious health condition, do the following:

Maintain Your HVAC System

Seek professional HVAC services ahead of summer heat. Let a qualified technician evaluate your entire cooling system to identify problems and carry out tune-ups in a timely manner. As long as you have a functioning, efficient air conditioner, you can combat solar heat gain and effectively keep indoor humidity in check.

Stay Hydrated

Heat-related illnesses occur due to dehydration and inadequate salt in the body. It’s for this reason that you should drink a lot of liquid every 20 minutes, even when you’re not thirsty, to replenish what you lose when you sweat.

However, not all fluids can alleviate dehydration; some actually do more harm than good. Consuming alcohol and drinks with caffeine, such as soda, coffee and tea, can contribute to the ill effects of summer heat. Instead, have plenty of water and sports drinks on hand to rehydrate your body.

Block the Sun

Use energy-efficient window attachments to minimize solar heat gain. Dressing up your windows with blinds, curtains, drapes or insulated cellular shades can help keep your rooms cooler.

Watch Out for Symptoms

If you or any of your loved ones feel sick, don’t take it for granted. Headaches, muscle cramps, excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat are all signs of heat exhaustion.

Request HVAC Service from Sierra Air

Take advantage of HVAC services from Sierra Air to prepare your air conditioner for the summer months. Call us at (775) 800-5500 so we can give your HVAC system a checkup before the cooling season rolls around again.