4 Things That Could Go Wrong With Your AC This Summer

One of the worst things that could happen in the middle of summer is an HVAC system failure. In this blog, residential AC repair and installation contractor Sierra Air lists the things that can go wrong with HVAC systems in the summer and how they can be prevented.

Low Refrigerant — Refrigerant is the substance that runs through your HVAC system and produces the cooling effect. In a nutshell, refrigerant is pressurized at different stages, alternating between fluid and gaseous states. When it reaches its coldest state, it’s fed through metal pipes onto which air is blown, resulting in cold air. Contrary to what many people think, HVAC refrigerant is not consumable. In fact, the only time your HVAC system will require a refill is if the refrigerant is leaking. If this happens during the off-season, you may not notice it until after you’ve started using your system. This emphasizes the importance of regular HVAC inspections.

Obstructed AirflowResidential AC repair contractors recommend replacing air filters every three months of off-season use, and once a month during the summer and winter seasons. Check your air filters if your system isn’t blowing enough air. Neglected air filters become so full of dust, hair and other particles that they won’t allow cool, clean air to flow through. The worst part is, your air conditioner doesn’t stop pumping out cool air, which leads to even higher energy bills.

Electrical Malfunction — HVAC electrical components are also susceptible to wear and tear, which is yet another reason why your HVAC system needs regular inspections. Additionally, make sure that the thermostat is fully functional. Try setting your air conditioner a few degrees higher or lower; there should be a noticeable change in its hum. If it’s not responding, perform troubleshooting as prescribed in the unit’s user guide.

Compressor Breakdown — The compressor is considered the heart of the air conditioning system. Breakdowns are caused by one or more of the aforementioned problems, and will either require extensive repairs or a complete replacement. Committing to a regular maintenance routine will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll have a comfortable home throughout the year.

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