Want a Healthier, Happier Home? Get Rid of these 28 Things Now

Spring is the perfect excuse to rid your home of the excess clutter that you buildup throughout the year (or years!) that is not only taking up space in your home, but could be potentially harmful as well. Don’t let your home’s clutter hold you back from enjoying the better weather.

Physical clutter can not only be aesthetically displeasing, but it can also be harmful mentally. A busy room, or home, can muddle your thoughts and even depress you if it gets too overwhelming. That’s why it feels so good to purge! You’re not just cleaning up your physical space, but you’re also clearing your headspace.

Whether you take an organized approach to decluttering by putting items into three categories – keep, trash and donate – or you just want to rent a dumpster and pitch it all, take some time this spring to get rid of these commonly kept but not so useful items.

28 Things that Reno Locals Should Get Rid of This Spring Cleaning Season


  1. Rusty or rundown tools or equipment
  2. Clothes you never wear anymore
  3. Non-deductible receipts
  4. Magazines you never read
  5. Expired pantry items
  6. Spoiled freezer food
  7. Sentimental items that you’ve been guilted into taking/keeping so long
  8. Old sauce packets or condiments
  9. Expired spices that no longer have a scent
  10. Your partner’s 6ft tall cardboard cutout of Chewbacca
  11. Supplies for hobbies that you don’t have anymore
  12. Socks without a match
  13. Office supplies (pens that don’t work, old notes, calendars from the 90s, company mugs, etc.)
  14. That pile of clothes you’re never going to sew (and the buttons that go with them)
  15. Old exercise equipment that is just accumulating dust and an accident waiting to happen when your kids find them
  16. Kitchen accessories or appliances that don’t work or never get used (ie. that pasta maker that you’re always planning on using “next year”)
  17. Old makeup (taking up space in your bathroom and it can damage your skin)
  18. Dated technology (aux cables, headphones, CDs, stereos, remotes, cassettes, gaming systems, computers, phones etc.)
  19. Medication – You don’t want to be in the position to need it, expect that you’ve done the right thing by taking it and have it not work because it’s expired.
  20. Expired coupons, gift cards, invitations, etc.
  21. Old board games/decks of cards with missing pieces or just aren’t being used
  22. Your oldest version of “mowing shoes”
  23. Expired motor oil, car fluids, etc.
  24. Out of style or mismatched decor that you’ve replaced/upgraded
  25. Gifts that just didn’t work out
  26. Old manuals to appliances that you don’t own anymore
  27. Your old textbooks that you’ll never read through again…or for the first time
  28. Your air or furnace filter

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